What Is Shotblasting?

This is probably one of the questions we get asked the most. Shot blasting is a process that is normally done on concrete or metal surfaces. While similar to a sandblasting process, shot blasting is very much different in both the way it is executed and the effectiveness.

Steel beads are “shot” out of a machine onto the floor to clean it in an industrial manner. To begin, you load the machine with the beads or shot pellets. The beads “blast” off any debris and stains that are on the floor that can’t be removed through normal cleaning methods.

BH-16 Shotblasting Head Attachment For SCB-1600 Chassis-780

In this photo, we illustrate how effective shot blasting is. You can see on the left side of the image, the floor is black, scratched and mucky. On the left side of the floor, it is almost as if it is a brand new floor. In this case, a shot blaster for concrete is used to actually strip the top coat of paint off the surface:

There are various different types of shot blasting machines. Some machines you stand behind and walk next to. Other machines are considered “ride-on” machines similar to a tractor.

The great thing about shot blasting is that there is hardly any dust or cleanup involved in the process. Shot blasting is not only done to help clean a floor but to prepare it as well. Many times people will need to prepare a floor to paint it or apply some other coating or texture to the floor. It is quite difficult to apply paint to a floor when it has gunk all over it, which is why shot blasting equipment can help to make the process run much smoother.

Machines are available in a variety of different types and sizes. You can check out some of the shot blast equipment that we manufacture.

If you are interested in seeing a shot blasting machine in live action check out this video of one of our models:

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